ZGMF-X20A Talking about the all gold inner frame

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just now I`d been reviewing the full or completed module wich is ZGMF-X20A
so maybe I should reveal the looks...the inner looks of this module so that
you can see how the inner frame had been built~

here you go...

 do you think I see what you see??yea~~definitely..I SEE WHAT YOU SEE...its GOLD all over!!
but some modellers may be disappointed because not all parts came in the SHINY gold material..
some of it came with the dull `plastic looks gold` ..which means~If you wanna have an all over
GOLD and SHINY inner frame,you`ll need to repaint it urself~ booyahhh!!!

here`s some closeup pics..
those are....well....legs~

the arm parts~there you can see the dull plastic blablabla material that I`d been talking about~

and this is the head part~~

when they`re snapped together they look s really cools though even without the outer core and outer frame~
btw these pics are from plamoaddiction blog and he wrote in there that he painted this model before he snapped the pics.so those pics above is the `after paint pics`


PG 1/60 Strike Freedom is a must!!!!!!!!

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From malaysia to japan,from asia to europe,from earth to moon~
every living things who had been following the gundam series especially seed and seed destiny should
recognize this code that I`m going to input in these post~~
what is it??
well here it is...


well for those who`s not familiar with these kind of code name~
it is a code for a nuclear drive assault module named STRIKE FREEDOM~~booyahhhh!!!

well this year Bandai released a massive,which means 1/60 Perfect Grade....yeahh PERFECT GRADE~
Strike freedom gundam~
and if I bought it already,right now I should be airspraying~cutting~the parts instead of writing this post lol..
but well.... you need money to buy it..
enough of nonsense~ here is some pics for your digestion~~

booyeahh~~buy me or I`ll shoot you to dust~~

here`s another one

yahh~I really like the gold inner frame~but as there is some parts that the color seems dull,it really is
a good idea to strip away the inner part and respray it after you remove the unwanted parts left
from the bridge(of the parts holder) first,then put it all together~~

here`s some BUTT view of the model..the gold blends excellently with the model~nice~~~

this is the fins part..you can see that this model used a sticker for the gold effect on the fins~but you can always go and paint it gold by yourself(that`s what I`ll do when I buy get this one)

Thats all for now folks~~I`ll be back for more review on this cool one~!!

pics from:plaview blog



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FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK blablabla...nah not that one...
I anted to say...finally I am able to log in in this blog again after months of trying to figure out the pasword lol~~
I'll be creating a new blog for my freelance and networking with MAK-corporation but I`ll also
make sure that this blog is up to date~~thanks fellow follower~~!!

boo yeahhhh~~~~