ZGMF-X20A Talking about the all gold inner frame

Posted by kurojishi Rio On 2/21/2011 11:34:00 pm 0 comments

just now I`d been reviewing the full or completed module wich is ZGMF-X20A
so maybe I should reveal the looks...the inner looks of this module so that
you can see how the inner frame had been built~

here you go...

 do you think I see what you see??yea~~definitely..I SEE WHAT YOU SEE...its GOLD all over!!
but some modellers may be disappointed because not all parts came in the SHINY gold material..
some of it came with the dull `plastic looks gold` ..which means~If you wanna have an all over
GOLD and SHINY inner frame,you`ll need to repaint it urself~ booyahhh!!!

here`s some closeup pics..
those are....well....legs~

the arm parts~there you can see the dull plastic blablabla material that I`d been talking about~

and this is the head part~~

when they`re snapped together they look s really cools though even without the outer core and outer frame~
btw these pics are from plamoaddiction blog and he wrote in there that he painted this model before he snapped the pics.so those pics above is the `after paint pics`


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